V India Technologies Private Limited has always had explicit policies regarding sending Unsolicited Commerce Email (UCE), Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE) or better/ commonly known as SPAM. These policies have been clearly set out and defined in our service agreements.

V India Technologies Private Limited is clear in its position and definition of SPAM. If we receive a complaint from a third party that consumers on the Internet have been contacted by any of our customers (availing one of the services provided by V India Technologies Private Limited i.e network/ hosting/ access), or are advertising a service hosted at V India Technologies Private Limited via SPAM, we shall terminate their account/s immediately, without any further notice whatsoever.

Notwithstanding these explicit prohibitions, a few customers still choose to disregard these policies, thereby endangering our own and our customers' ability to conduct business on the web.

We have therefore, adopted a �Zero Tolerance� policy. To ensure that there are no misunderstandings, we will once more clarify our position, defining what is not permitted, outlining the response we will take when our policy is violated, and highlight some of the potential legal exposure, that anyone who engages in SPAMMING may have:

Do not send out any Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE, also known as SPAM). We do not want to conduct business with anyone who does unsolicited bulk mailings.

SPAM-tising your website, i.e. sending out unsolicited bulk email promoting your site at AZC but using another ISP's servers to transmit these messages is absolutely prohibited. These prohibitions also encompass newsgroups and public mailing lists and bulletin boards. Do not flood newsgroups or public mailing lists. Note: even bulk emails with "opt-out" instructions are not permitted. Forms used on websites to get the feedbacks and other information from visitors should have a single �From� email address that belongs to your website only, else all the emails sent will be black-holed or rejected.

You will be held liable for such infringement even if the SPAMMING action was done by a third party for your benefit, i.e. in case your advertising agency or one of your employees does the SPAMMING, you would still be held responsible. If a sub-lessee of your site SPAMs, accountability still remains with you.

In short, any kind of mass e-mailing is prohibited, except in those cases where the recipient is a current, active customer of yours (i.e. purchased in the past 12 months) or has signed up on an �opt-in� email list. You will need to be able to present irrefutable proof of the foregoing if a recipient challenges you on this. If you claim that a customer has subscribed to your service, it is your responsibility to determine why the customer has complained about receiving SPAM. Please check and ensure that your customers are open to receiving your emails.

Failure to observe the aforementioned restrictions shall result in:

An immediate and automatic suspension of your account. If SPAM has been sent out advertising a website hosted with us, the website will be removed for 48-72hrs.

If a co-location server sends out SPAM, access to the server will be suspended for 48-72hrs If SPAM is sent via dial up/ isdn/ leased line/ radio/ wireless access or using any other service provided by V India Technologies Private Limited , the service will be suspended for 48-72hrs. In the case of dial ups/ isdn access the account will be frozen.

We shall submit the SPAMMER�s domain name(s) to all anti-SPAM blocking databases. Our submission shall make the domain(s) virtually un-useable even if/ when the SPAMMER transfers to another provider.

Our processes are automated, hence once a complaint is received your account will be terminated without any further notice. If you find your account terminated please contact abuse@vindia.net , with the following details.

Copy of last email sent out in bulk IP address of SMTP server Note: Without these details the email will not be accepted, and will by default not get processed.

In conclusion, we strongly urge you to consider the above. There is only one rule and it is very simple: DO NOT SPAM. If you are not sure whether you are spamming or not, then you probably are. In that case, stop right away.

The above policy is without prejudice to V India Technologies Private Limited �s rights and or any other such acts that V India Technologies Private Limited can/ shall resort in order to stop SPAM.

You can always unsubscribe from such a service by mail us back to unsubscribe@vindia.net

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